• A Balanced Account of the World - A critical look at the scientific world view
    Wolfi Landstreicher
Examines the modern scientific worldview, and its links to the development of the capitalist system.
  • A Project Of Liberation
    Insurrectionary Anarchists of the Coast Salish Territory
Offers ideas for discussion among anarchists seeking to create an insurgent practice in the world in a simple and intelligent way. A good introduction to the ideas of some contemporary North American insurrectionary anarchists. £1.20
  • (The) Abolition of Work
    Bob Black
Classic text, lucidly arguing for a work-free society 50p
  • Against the Corpse Machine
    Ashen Ruins
Defining a post-left critique of violence. Published by us. £1
  • Against Domestication
    Jacques Camatte
Tackling our “inability to confront in an autonomous way the fundamental questions of our period”. A classic essay. £1.20
  • Against the Engineering Of Life
    Rene Riesel
Known for his involvement in the ‘60's with the Enrages and the Situationists, Riesel confronts the complete subjugation of life in its most basic biological aspect to capital and the resistance against this process.
  • Against His-Story, Against Leviathan
    Fredy Perlman
We've published extracts from this landmark book alongside memoriam's to Fredy from the Fifth Estate paper. £1
  • Against the Logic of Submission
    Wolfi Landstreicher
Examines the necessity of the subversive transformation of ourselves and our relationships, and practices, as well as ideologies and methodologies that hinder this. . It is not a cause to which we give ourselves, but the re-appropriation of our lives. £1
  • Albania: laboratory of Subversion
Albania saw a sudden explosion of popular rage demonstrated yet again that the State only exists as long as the complicity of the dominated allows it to. Written when the insurrection in Albania was at its peak, this account is not just an historical document but inspires us to reflect upon our own limitations in the light of such events and seek to go beyond chatter and idle talk. £1.50
  • Anarchism and the National Liberation Struggle
    Alfredo M. Bonanno
An Italian view on this often thorny question. £1
Anarchist Ethic in the Age of the Anti-globalization Movement
Killing King Abacus, Leila and Sacha
Reprints of writings critiquing the Anti-Globalization Movement, Ya Basta ,Genoa and the Black Block. £1.50
  • The Anarchist Tension
    Alfredo M. Bonanno
Anarchism is not a concept that can be locked up in a word like a gravestone. It is a way of conceiving life, and life, young or old as we may be is at stake. . £1.50
  • Anarchy and Ecstasy
    John Moore
Attempting to move anarchist thought beyond it’s all too dreary confines. £2
(Out of Stock)
  • Angry Brigade
A collection of the Angry Brigade’s communiqués £2
  • Animals
  • Animal Liberation and Social Revolution
    Brian Dominick
A vegan perspective on anarchism / an anarchist perspective on veganism £1
  • Anti-History: An Indigenous Analysis of Capitalism
    Zig Zag
A Canadian zine by the excellent Zig-Zag; ‘an indigenous analysis of capitalism’
  • Anti-Mass Methods of Organisation for Collectives
Comes with a Situationist critique. 70p
  • Anti-Semitism and the Beirut Pogrom
    Fredy Perlman
Fredy Perlman’s analysis of Zionism. Recommended £1
  • Apart from the Obvious Exceptions
    Alfredo M. Bonanno
Comments on - and lessons learned from - trials of Anarchists in Italy in the 1990s. 2003 £1
  • Armed Joy
    Alfredo M Bonanno
“Hurry to attack capital, before a new ideology makes it sacred to you. Hurry to refuse work before some new sophist tells you yet again that 'work makes you free'. Hurry to play... and for the first time, life will triumph over death.” Bonanno was locked up for writing this. £1.25
  • Attacking Prisons at the Point of Production
    Green Anarchy
A brief look at militant actions against the prison-industrial complex. 50p
  • At Daggers Drawn
Inspiring insurrectionalist text £1.50
  • At Dusk: The Situationist Movement in Historical Perspective
First published 1975 by the Berkeley radical group Perspectives, this was one of the first attempts at a full critique of Situationist theory. Interesting reading for all those concerned with the Situationist International and its legacy. £3
At the Centre of the Volcano: Reason, Passion and the Revolt against the Catastrophe of Progress Translated from the anarchist journal 'Diavolo In Corpo' this writing critically examines the concepts of revolution of the 19th and 20th century in light of the reality of riot and insurrection that never follows the blueprints of the rational architects of revolution. £1
  • Autonomous Self-Organization and Anarchist Intervention
    Wolfi Landstreicher
A revolution capable of destroying all domination and exploitation would have to be based on the self-organized struggle of those who suffer domination and exploitation. We are among these exploited and dispossessed individuals, but as anarchists, we also have specific ideas about how the present world functions, and desires and dreams of a fundamentally different world; this is a tension in practice.
  • Bad Days Will End
  • BARBARIANS: the disordered insurgence
    Crisso and Odoteo
A translation of the Italian critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire. £2?
  • Barbaric Thoughts - on a revolutionary critique of civilization
    Wolfi Landstreicher
Insurrectionary critique of elements of Anarcho-Primitivism tbc
  • Beasts of Burden
    Antagonism Press
“This is a text which, we hope, faces in two directions. On the one hand we hope that it will be read by people interested in animal liberation who want to consider why animal exploitation exists, as well as how. On the other hand, by those who define themselves as anarchists or communists who either dismiss animal liberation altogether or personally sympathise with it but don’t see how it relates to their broader political stance”. £1
  • Behind the Balaclavas in South Mexico
    Charles Reeve etal
A rare and necessary criticism of the EZLN (Zapatistas) and mercantile indigenism. £1.50
  • Beyond Agriculture
Debunks agriculture and organic gardening, in favor of a foraging existence. £1
  • Bigger Cages Longer Chains
  • Captain Mission and His Crew
    Larry Law
Pocket book of piracy £1
  • Children of Guinea
    John Connor
The story of one of the only successful slave revolts in history £2.50
  • Comments on the Society of the Spectacle
    Guy Debord
The follow-up to the seminal work, and perhaps the last fine piece of writing he did. £1.50
  • Critical Thinking as an Anarchist Weapon
    Wolfi Landstreicher
  • Critique of Syndicalist Methods
    Alfredo M. Bonanno
A call for the abandoning of syndicalism as a method of struggle in response to the changing nature of both capitalism and the working-class. Reprint of a pamphlet first published in 1975, with a new Introduction £1.50
The Current Faces of Misery
By Wolfi Landstreicher
A Proposal for debate. 50p
  • (The) Dark Before the Dawn
Interviews with John Zerzan, Derrick Jensen and John Moore. A useful primer to anti-civ thought. Published by us. £1
  • Days of Dissent! Reflections on Summit Mobilisations
    Dissent Network
With the 2005 G8 Summit to be held in the UK, groups and movements across these islands, and from further afield, are beginning to consider what our response should be. In doing so, it is important that we attempt to learn from our collective history, from our mistakes as well as our successes. "Days of Dissent" is one contribution towards this process of reflection. Its aim is to provide inspiration for action. A large format pamphlet. £1.50
  • Devastate to Liberate or Devastatingly Liberal?
Classic critique of the animal rights movement, and an excellent insight into how ideology takes hold of individuals and groups £1.50
  • Dissonances
    Alfredo M. Bonanno
The real social problems are submission, respectability, piety, acceptance and sacrifice. Questions as varied as anti-fascism, drugs, racism, loss of language, illness and life itself are examined here in this dissonant collection of articles which first saw the light in the anarchist paper ProvocAzione two decades ago. £1.50
Down with the Prison Walls A transcription of a talk given by Laudelino Iglesias Martinez at Bradfords 1in12 Club. Also includes the transcript of a talk given at the same event by a representative of the Basque prisoner support group Salhaketa, and the texts of letters written by Laudelino from prison and upon his release. Laudelino's talk details the struggle by prisoners, first against fascist repression under Franco, and then against the no less brutal repression which followed the death of the dictator. It details the activities of the prisoner resistance groups APRE and COPEL, and the struggle against the Spanish FIES isolation regime. £1
  • Fascism/Anti-Fascism
    Jean Barrot
A reprint of the essay from the French ultra-leftist. "The struggle for democracy is not a short cut allowing the workers to make a revolution without realizing it. The proletariat will destroy totalitarianism only by destroying democracy and all political forms at the same time. Until then there will be a succession of 'fascist and 'democratic' systems in times and space..." £1
  • Fawda
    Venomous Butterfly
Analyzes the struggle in Palestine from an insurrectional anarchist perspective. £1
  • Feral Forager
A guide to living off natures bounty, includes tips for preparing and cooking roadkill meat. £1
  • 500 Years of Indigenous Resistance
Originally published in the Oh-Toh-Kin, paper this recounts the colonization of the America's and the resistance to it. £2
  • For a World Without Moral Order
    (La Banquise)
This pamphlet is a rewrite of a text first appearing in La Banquise #1 (1983). It is a controversial analysis of imposed morality from an anti-state communist viewpoint. No political correctness here. A reprint by Tarantula Publications. £2
  • For America To Live, Europe Must Die
    Russell Means
Landmark speech from American Indian Movement activist Russell Means Donation
  • For an Anti-authoritarian Insurrectionalist International
    Elephant Editions
Proposal for a Debate £1
  • From Mactan to the Mining Act
    Solidarity South Pacific
Everyday stories of resistance by the indigenous peoples of the Philippines. Donation
  • From Politics to Life - ridding anarchy of the leftist millstone
    Wolfi Landstreicher
Post-Left Anarchy debate 50p
  • Guerilla Gardening
Introduction to ideas around guerrilla gardening 50p
  • Heartcheck
    Free (Jeff Luers) and Rob los Ricos
A 40-page 'zine with new, unpublished writings and artwork by anarchist prisoners Jeff 'Free' Luers and Robert 'Los Ricos' Thaxton. Heartcheck is professionally printed, with funds from its sales going to both prisoners. £3
  • Herbal Abortion
A valuable attempt relearn age-old knowledge and reclaim a little power over our own bodies. £2
  • How Anarchist is the Platform?
Including excerpts from the Platform and the Makhno-Malatesta Correspondence. £1
  • If it Was Easy, They Wouldn't Call it Struggle
    Mark Barnsley
Mark Barnsley talks about repression and resistance in British prisons. £2
  • Images and Everyday Life
  • Industrial Domestication
    Leopold Roc
Industry As The Origins Of Modern Domination. 50p
  • Industrial Society and it's Future
Also known as the ‘Nabob Manifesto’, this edition is complemented by a chronology of related events, an interview with Kaczynski, and essays by John Zerzan. Published by us. £2
  • The Insurrectional Project
    Alfredo M. Bonanno
Proposes that, as a result of global capitalist restructuring, there is no other way open to anarchists than that of immediate destructive intervention. The time for small talk is over. £1.50
  • Insurrectionary Ecology
    by Anon
When we see history as a series of events, or even worse perceive ourselves in an isolated bubble of moving time disconnected from the past, we are disempowered. Our actions, any actions, seem like pissing in the ocean in the face of our opposition. But our actions are not isolated events, they are explosions in a web of relations, many unforeseen. The project of liberation has been vying with domination for thousands of years, and continues. The ripples cast by our actions shape ourselves, our relations, and inspire others now and in the future. Knowing the history of our Movements and other’s attempts, gives us context beyond ethereal slogans. History is cumulative. 

Re-print of discussion document from 2005 EF! Gathering

  • Introduction to Anarcho-Primitivism
    John Moore
Two essays by the late John Moore. The first, ‘the Primitivist Primer’ is a classic primer to anti-civilization orientated ideas. The second ‘Comin’ Home’ Donation
  • Jacques Camatte and the New Politics of Liberation
    Dave Antagonism
A good introduction to Camatte’s writings and their influence on current green anarchist ideas. £1.20
  • Just Leave Us Alone!
    Solidarity South Pacific
The voice of a Lani tribesman from West Papua, identifying what he sees as the key enemies of tribal people, corporations, missionaries etc. A Solidarity South Pacific publication £2
  • Legal Advice For Activists
    Free B.E.A.G.L.E.S
A comprehensive analysis of all the relevant laws activists in England will come up against and how they apply to people on a practical level. Long but a must read for everyone who wishes to know their rights both whether as an individual or as a protestor. Version 4 contains new laws introduced over the last year. £1.50
  • Lessons Of Easter Island
    Clive Ponting
Taken from his amazing book A Green History of the World. Donation
  • Let's Destroy Work, Let's Destroy the Economy
    Alfredo M. Bonanno
If the exploited wish to destroy work it is necessary to build roads of individual and collective experimentation. Now. £2
  • Let's get Free
    Jeff 'Free' Luers
28-page zine about Jeff "Free" Luers, earth defender, anarchist, and political prisoner currently serving 23 years for a politically-motivated arson. Contains writings, poetry, and artwork by Free. £2
  • LIP and the Self-Managed Counter Revolution
    By Negation
In 1973, LIP, a watchmaking company in France that went bankrupt, was 'taken over' by the workers and quickly degenerated into an experiment in self-exploitation, remaining trapped in the present world's 'productionism.'
R e-published by re-pressed.
  • (The) Luddite War on Industry
    Do or Die
A tale of machine smashing and spies! Published by us. 50p
  • (The) Machine Against the Garden
    Fredy Perlman
Exploration of American literature with critical introduction by John Moore  £2
  • A Munuscript Found in Victoria: Addressed to all Spanish Addressed to all Spanish
    Internationalists and to the entire Proletariat
    By Los Incontrolados
  • (A) Map
    Chellis Glendinning
Address to the 18th Annual Schumacher Lectures, Oct ‘99 £1
  • (the) Media
  • More, Much More and other writings
    Massimo Passamani (VBP)
  • Nature Cest Moi: Some Thoughts on Biotechnology
    by R.D.B
In other times one left one's body to science; now we belong to it while alive, jyust like a corpse, even before it dismembers us in its hospitals. 50p
  • (The) Network of Domination
    Wolfi Landstreicher
A series of brief essays from Willful Disobedience examining the institutions, structures, systems and social relationships through which this civilization of domination is maintained and reproduced. £1
  • Nihilism, Anarchy, and the 21st Century
Very good short history and explanation of Nihilism, intended to expose anarchists to the breadth of the nihilist contribution to anarchy. £1
  • Non Violence and it's Violent Consequences
    Russ Meyers
An interesting critique of the ideology of non-violence from the US 50p
  • Notes on Summits and Counter-Summits
    Some Rovertan Anarchists
Insightful critique of Summit Hopping 50p
  • Olive Drab Rebels: Military Organizing During The Vietnam Era
    Kevin Keating and Matthew Rinaldi
First published in 1974, Rinaldi offers a detailed account of attempts by soldiers, civilians, and the left to organize within the US armed forces. Also includes the essay "Harass The Brass: Some Notes Toward The Subversion Of The US Armed Forces," by Kevin Keating. £1.50
  • On Behalf of the Barbarians
    Bleu Marin
The exploited and dispossessed no longer have anything to say to the rulers and masters of this world. Demands mean nothing. The time has come for destruction and the consequent reopening of the possibility of dreaming – a new world will be a world absolutely other. 50p
  • On Organisation
    Jacques Camatte
A re-pressed reprint of this classic critique of organisations as political 'rackets' £1.20
  • On the Poverty of Student Life
“Considered in Its Economic, Political, Psychological, Sexual, and Especially Intellectual Aspects, With a Modest Proposal for Doing Away With It.” The text that sparked a rebellion. £1
  • The Original Affluent Society
    Marshall Sahlins
Classic anthropological text, debunking the Hobbsian myth that primitive life was ‘nasty, brutish and short’. With postscript by Bob Black £1
  • Origins: Number - Language - Agriculture
    John Zerzan
A collection of 3 essays taken from 'Elements of Refusal'. Zerzan explores the beginnings of civilisation. Published by us. £1.50
  • Out Enemy - Civilization
A broad and accessible anthology of anti-civilisation writings £1
  • PAWA NA PIPEL! Strikes, Land Struggles & Fighting the IMF
    Solidarity South Pacific
An interview with a Melanesian solidarity activist in Papua New Guinea, a Solidarity South Pacific publication £1
  • Plunder
    Fredy Perlman
A play written by Perlman in 1962. £2
  • Poverty of Feminism
    Dominique Karamazov

Provocatively claims that feminism, in spite of its emancipatory and radical airs, remains in the area of capitalist society and even becomes guardian of traditional female alienation. A critique of emotional, social and sexual poverty, both male and female. From Elephant Editions

(Out of Stock)
  • Primitivist Critique of Civilisation
    Richard Heinberg
An introductory critical look at civilisation Donation
  • (The) Prison Within the Prison
The Spanish State's prison system condemns political and rebellious prisoners to the FIES isolation units, brutal and dehumanising "prisons within the prisons" which have been the focus of widespread resistance, on both sides of the walls.In this booklet, some of the participants in this revolt against prisons and the state share their thoughts and experiences- £1
  • Prison Survival, Prisoner Support
An excellent 2-part guide to preparing yourself for time inside or supporting others inside, with contributions from a wide range of prisoners’ experiences £1
  • Progress and Nuclear Power
    Fredy Perlman
Perlman uses the Native Americans to highlight the brutal reality of ‘progress’ Donation
  • Propulsive utopia
    Alfredo M. Bonanno

A collection of articles from the Italian monthly paper ProvocAzione. Themes explored include: Worker and student struggles in France (1980s); armed struggle and anti-militarism; science, technology and modernism; "The Tyranny of Weakness."
" …propulsive utopia, the life-blood of the real movement… feeds off a hidden but burning collective desire… then suddenly you find it at the street corner…"

  • Raising the Stakes
A look at the American Indian Movement of the 70’s and the case of Leonard Peltier, and the lessons we can learn. tbc
  • Rants, Essays & Polemics of Feral Faun
    Feral Faun
A reprint of Feral Fauns early writings. tbc
  • (The) Realities of Going Primitive
    Brent Ladd
An honest look at the practical reality of living off the land, from the US. Donation
  • Rebels Dark laughter
    Bruno Filippi
A Venomous Butterfly publication of Filippi’s beautiful writings £1.50
  • (The) Reproduction of Daily Life
    Fredy Perlman
If you ever wanted to know what words like “alienation”, “commodity fetishism” and “surplus value” mean, this is the commodity for you. £1
  • (The) Revolution of Modern Art, and the Modern Art of Revolution
From the English section of the S.I £2
  • Revolution, Violence, Antiauthoritarianism
    Alfredo M. Bonanno
Translation and reprint of writings (originally in Italian) from the '70s and 80's - a few notes on Violence & Nonviolence, Revolutionary Struggle and Self-management. £1.50
  • Revolutionary Self-Theory
  • Revolutionary Solidarity
    Alfredo M. Bonanno, Perego, Aldo et al
Writings on the difference between 'aid' and genuine solidarity. "Solidarity lies in action. Action that sinks its roots in one’s own project that is carried out coherently and proudly too, especially in times when it might be dangerous even to express one’s ideas publicly." £1.25
  • (the) Rise of the West
    John Connor
A brief history of the last thousand years. 2.50
  • Rumble in the Jungle
    Solidarity South Pacific
Interview with an OPM (Free Papua Movement) warrior, a Solidarity South Pacific publication 50p
  • Solidarity with the Aachen 4
  • Some People Push Back
    Ward Churchill
A "first take" reaction to the 9/11 counterattack from the Native American scholar/activist. Also includes America Reaps What It Sows by Jalil A. Muntaqim, Black Liberation Army PoW. Published by us. £1
  • The Spectacle: A Skeleton Key
  • Squatters Handbook
The classic, indispensable guide to squatting in the UK. The latest edition. Everything you need to know about the law etc. £1.50
  • The Struggle Against Fascism Begins With the Struggle Against Bolshevism
    Otto Ruhle
As the tragic history of both fascism and bolshevism complete their course, culminating in the modern democratic State, Ruhle's article becomes more readily comprehensible. In understanding the fascist nature of State forms. £1
  • Summits, Counter Summits and Social War
A Selection of essays discussing the anti-globalization movement and summit hopping. 75p
Tear Down the Walls
John Bowden
Apart from 2 years on the run after a spectacular escape, John Bowden has been in jail since 1980, and spent most of his childhood in various forms of state institutions prior to that. He has been at the forefront of the British prison struggle for most of his time behind bars, and is able to describe his experiences articulately and powerfully.

'Tear Down The Walls!' includes two texts by John, the first being autobiographical, and the second a fierce condemnation of the prison system from an abolitionist point of view. The pamphlet also features an introduction by Anarchist ex-prisoner Mark Barnsley, who served time with John in several prisons and segregation units.

  • Ten Days That Shook Iraq
    Firestarter Press
Reprint of an article that first appeared in '91 about the uprisings in Southern Iraq and Kurdistan, along with an interview about class struggle in Iraq. £1
  • This is What Democracy looks Like
    Venomous Butterfly/Elephant Editions
Examining the concept of democracy as it relates to the 'new movement' of opposition and a critical analysis of the "democratic" doctrine and system. £1
  • To the Wanderers: On the Current Uprooting of the Exploited
An analysis by some Italian anarchists of the universal uprooting imposed by capital and its specific expression in large-scale immigration and the detention centres for undocumented 'aliens'. £1
  • Toward the Creative Nothing
    Renzo Novatore
"It is difficult to find anarchist works in English that are at the same time ‘individualist’ and explicitly revolutionary, that emphasize the centrality of the aim of individual self-determination to a revolution that will 'communalize material wealth' as it will ‘individualize spiritual wealth’. For this and other reasons I have translated Toward the Creative Nothing by Renzo Novatore."-From the introduction £1.50
  • Toward the Destruction of Schooling
    Quiver Press
New from the excellent Quiver Press and Distro £1.50
  • The Undesirables: Class Struggle at the Turn of the 21st Century.
A series of short essays translated from Italian, analysing current changes going on in class relationships and exploitation from an anarchist perspective. 50p
  • Unions Against Revolution
    John Zerzan and G Munis
Two critiques of unions from a revolutionary perspective, plus a photographic account of union bureaucratization in 30's America. £1.50?
The Unwanted Children of Capital
Elephant Editions
Various documents on the struggle against detention centres in Italy. £1
The Vancouver Five: Armed Struggle In Canada
Jim Campbell
In 1981 and 1982 several bombings (against a hydro-electric substation, a nuclear missile parts manufacturer, and three pornographic video stores) were carried out in Canada under the banner of Direct Action and the Wimmin's Fire Brigade. When five members of the Vancouver anarchist scene were arrested for these attacks they became known as the Vancouver 5. This is an account of the politics and practice, successes and errors, and the legacy of the Five and their supporters. £1
  • Viva Voce
A huge zine looking at women’s health and sexuality, and the way we can share our knowledge and experiences £2
  • The Wandering of Humanity
    Jacques Camatte
Camatte's theorizations on the autonomization of capital, conversion of Marxism into a repressive consciousness, rejection of ideology, etc. £2
  • Whats Going On In Italy?
"Concentration camps for immigrants where torture is the rule, arrests of anarchists all over the country, police raid and the storming of solidarity demonstrations; this is italy today" A prisoner benefit pamphlet from Elephant Editions." £1.20
  • What Have We Demonstrated?
Excellent collection of essays analysing the role of counter summits, demonstrations etc. from Venomous Butterfly Publications £1
  • Where is the Festival?
    Venomous Butterfly / Elephant Editions
Includes, Notes on summits and counter-summits, Genoa is everywhere, Vultures, On the trial of the rebels of Genoa. £1.50
  • We Shall Live Again
    Zig Zag
Excellent look at the history of indigenous resistance in North America. £2
  • Witches, Midwives and Nurses
The historical process of the erosion of a woman’s control over her own body. £1.50
  • Women and the Spectacle